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BOO! Shop all Halloween here.
BOO! Shop all Halloween here.


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There's no better way than to ring in the New Year with the 2018 Spaced Out The Top Shelf Goody Box.  Packed with a potful of smoking delights, enjoy from all the cool products our curators sourced just for you.

This box comes packed with everything below:

  • Custom Glass NYE Water Pipe Cup. 
  • Luminous Butt Bucket Ashtray. 
  • Murine Plus for Dry/Red Eyes. 
  • Dab Inc. 3-in-1 Kit. Includes: 1 Dab Tool, 1 Silicone Mat and 5 Silicone Containers. 
  • 3 Bowl Custom Glass Hand Pipe. 
  • Custom Character Grinder. 
  • Rolling Paper. 
  • Pipe Cleaners. 
  • $10 Shop Credit. (Use Code: MEMBER at checkout to receive discount) 
  • Stickers. 
  • Munchie.