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Become a Club Member for only $1/month to purchase anything from today's deals. Save hundreds of dollars and the lowest prices you'll ever see when it comes to buying your smoking pieces and essentials. Never shop anywhere else. We guarantee you'll love our service or your money-back!

How it Works:

1. Only Club Members are able to see the "Add to Cart" button below every deal. Non-club members will not be able to purchase unless you join the club for $1/month.

2. Enrollment is automatic. Once you sign up you'll receive an email activation link with a few minutes to activate your account instantly. Once you activate your account login to start shopping.

3. Every morning at 6am (PT) you'll receive a Deal of the Day email reminder of that days specials, so you never miss out on what's up for grabs.

4. Cancel anytime. No questions asked. We promise you won't regret it.