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Joint the nation in lighting up with one of our favorite party pack kits! The custom High Times water pipe stands at 9" in height, made of thick borosilicate glass  and is a gem of a piece with its built in glass downstem to make smoking even more pleasurable. With custom artwork all over and sturdy base, you won't find a more fun piece than this especially at this incredibly low price. Includes rolling tray, lighter, flavored hemp tips, Raw papers, sticker and herb bowl!


  • 9" High Times Water Pipe
  • Glass Dry Herb Bowl
  • 10.5" Rolling Tray
  • Clipper Lighter 
  • Flavored Hemp Tips
  • Raw Rolling Papers
  • 420 Goody Box Sticker

High Times Water Pipe Features:

The High Times Spray Can water pipe is truly one for the collection! Glass on glass, with built-in "L" shaped downstem and custom decals on this piece, packs a serious hit each time. Simply switch out the include glass bowl with a banger and now you have a fully functioning dab rig! Only available at 420 Goody Box. 

  • 9" Height
  • Custom Decals
  • Glass Dry Herb Bowl
  • Made in Los Angeles, CA.