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The sickest pieces for 2022 have just arrived! And are ready to be shipped to their new homes in January's Mystery Bong Box! Now available in multiple box sizes, we've curated a very special Mystery Bong Box for your pure smoking pleasure and you'll never know what's inside until it arrives to your doorstep.

A very special glass box stuffed with the sickest piece you will ever smoke from + free gift.

  • (1) NEWLY ARRIVED SICK! Mystery Glass Water Pipe
  • Delivered straight to your door discreetly.
  • Now available in 3 Mystery Bong Box Sizes.

The Oh Shit! size: is a collector's dream piece and will have your jaw dropping to the floor. ....and if it doesn't? Just send it back for a full refund.

The Large and Oh Shit! size include free shipping

Only while supplies last.